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Advanced Harmony Programs

Dedicated Support at Every Step

We have three programs that we are focusing our efforts on:

  • Art gallery to support local artists. Open for everyone with creative skills and passion for arts aiming to support local artists, elevating community spirit through arts.
  • Education Hub to allow Schools around the world to collaboratively build education
  • Coding & Robotics for Kids. Young Canadians are given the opportunity to learn critical thinking, advanced technology skills, arts and volunteer in their communities, fostering their personal development and commitment to service.


Art, Technology & Education

Coding & Robotics for Kids

Comprehensive resource of STEM education resources designed to increase children's interest in all fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.
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Infinity Fundraiser and Sale

Infinity Art Show

Digital-only exhibition space where artists can broadcast bodies of work not available elsewhere. All projects are ‘exhibited’ online for 365 days.
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EDHub For Schools

One-stop platform that allows schools to work collaboratively, share lessons and learning plans.
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Volunteer with us

Better, together

Join our team: Advanced Harmony is looking to team up with enthusiasts, portents, and youth to create the STEM Education Digital Library, a comprehensive resource of STEM education resources.

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